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Imagine him being your son-in-law: Opinion

This guy is serious, he has just made my day, women will have to look at this again and again. Look at how he plotted his beards. I think he's taking it to the extreme, i understand that we want to look beautiful. I understand that we want to look presentable, and do the things that fit our bodies or makeup for our faces very well, but it doesn't matter how the hairstyle is or the clothes that you are wearing, only one question that must always remain, is it presentable, is it appealing? But it also depends on the kind of the event where you are going.

If this guy is going to meet other hip hop stars or DJs, maybe he's going to a wild party, that hairstyle fits well. It could happen that after the party he is going to undo the hair style and leave his beards to go back to normal.

In the first place, would you really trust a boyfriend who has this kind of a hairstyle. Actually if he was my boyfriend, I would really have serious problems, because these are the kind of people that have this behaviour of choping girlfriend together with mother-in-law.

I think that I will have very serious trust issues, never mind how he talks to his girlfriend, never mind how he behave when he's around women, nevermind how the man is, but we need to bear in mind that the spirit in a person is manifested in his or her behaviour.

How a person behaves, tell us what kind of a spirit that is inside that person. There's no way in which a person can take a beer bottle and drink water with it, and when people ask if that person loves beer, the answer will be, he just love to drink water in a beer bottle that's all. It it won't be true, nobody can believe that, because you are more likely to manifest the spirit that is inside you. So the behaviour outside, we look at your hair style, we look at your dressing style, we look at how you talk and how you think, all those things they can be able to give us a conclusion about you, what kind of a person you are.

All that can give us a bit of knowledge about you, we can not know everything about you, but at least you've given us a starting point through your behaviour. If you wanna see the spirit that rules as certain region, or even a family, you must first look at the behaviour of the people that are in that family, or in that region. The behaviour will give you a starting point to a say, these are the kind of the people that they are. If they love beer, you can tell, if they are sexually active, you can tell, if the short-tempered, you can tell, if they are thugs, you can tell and if they love parting, you can tell, so the behaviour gives you what we call "warning signs".

A lot of people went into marriages ignoring the warning signs and people went into business arrangements ignoring warning signs, they are regretting today. A lot of people went into jobs and all sorts of deals ignoring warning signs, the things that pop out about that person, those small things are the things that a person should take a pen and a paper and write them down, try to come out with a sum total of that person's character, and try to come with your own judgement about that person.

Everybody wants a person who has a good behaviour in life, everybody wants a person who has a normal behaviour in life, but it is through their behavior outside that we can be able to know what kind of people they are.

I know they are people that like to pretend to be perfect, when they know that they have serious issues with bad behaviour. They may pretend just to win you over, but it is only a matter of time, that is why it is not good for you to rush into things. You need to take your time and know a person. They will be that one moment something will pop out that will show that actually this is what this person is.

You cannot hide your true nature forever, somehow it will be provoked to come out soon. Unless there is someone who is looking for that kind of a person that misbehaves, but it is very rare. I tell you even a prostitute wants a man from church, want a man who is responsible and who is well behaved. Thank you

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