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Wedding planning scene

VIDEO: The groom showed up at his wedding so drunk that he could not even stand properly

The video of a groom who showed up at his wedding venue very drunk is making rounds on social media platforms, and some people saying that this can't be called a wedding since the groom was not in a good state. The search shows that many people prefer taking a sip of alcohol when it's their wedding day; just to avoid being shy when it's time to read vows, but clearly this man failed to limit his consumption of alcohol.

In the video, this man can be seen stumbling and truggling to stand on his own and some men had to secure him. An influencer asked if this wedding should have been cuncelled or they did the right thing by continuing it "Will you cancel your wedding ceremony or continuing? Watch the video" Asked an influencer. Here is the link to access this video. ( Twitter users have shared their thoughts about this video and the majority of them were saying that this wedding should've been canceled "And definitely he will not remember anything...Like married you...When" said a Twitter user who disapproves this wedding. "No wedding here" said another Twitter user who dissaporves this wedding.

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