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OPINION| A good punishment for a woman is in bed

Stop conversing with her, and she will come to feel sorry about what she has finished in the past, assume duty for the entirety she instructs you to do, whether she requests it or not. Put a end to anything she makes for you, together with meals, and do not even bother asking her for water; genuinely go and get it yourself

Abandon the exercise of drowsing in the identical bed as her, you can also move to the next room and spend the night time alone. Even if she knocks asking for forgiveness, my man dont be tempted just tell her that you need some time alone, this will be the most painful for her.

Abandon the practice of turning in her a gift, as you did initially and the other thing is to discontinue spending time with her at all costs like when you're bored at home, go out with your buddies and spend your time with them as a substitute of spending time with your partner, she will feel the pain im telling you

Now lets just say when you are at home, keep away from making direct eye contact with her avoid it more than anything else instead, look to the side and pass by her completely. Remember when things are good at home you do things together but for this practice please discontinue assisting her with her work at home. Just leave her alone to do the task at hand, just do your own things and ignore her. Begin cleansing your garb on your own, barring the aid of her

If you have elders who know to tell the truth they will tell you that a real man does not beat his wife with a stick or whatever, but its either you like the bed more than before and ask her to help you anytime or dont go to bed with her for a month

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