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Lady Reveals The Reason Why God Doesn't Answer Some Women's Prayers

The world is now advanced, all thanks to technology, we are able to pass important message to people through the help of social media.

Blessing Okoro, popularly known as the CEO of Blessing, took to her social media page to explain why God doesn't answer most of women's prayers.

The CEO of Blessing said the reason why many women pray to God but God does not answer their prayers is because women always open their legs for their boyfriends. But he said that no man would ever marry a woman who is ready to sleep with a man at any moment.

According to the CEO of Blessing, "Women cover your legs. The reason God doesn't answer your prayers is because your legs are too wide. Cover your legs and he won't marry you anyway...Please close."

As a result, she recommended that women learn to cover their legs.

Opinion: I don't think it's true, I don't think God has a reason for not answering a ladies prayers, God answers everyone prayers according, as long as you are pure in heart.

 Do you agree with the Blessing CEO on this? Is it true? Share your thoughts and follow for more interesting update.

 Let's get your opinions on this, thank you.

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