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Sad Moment As Bride-To-be collapse and Dies On Her Wedding Day (Watch)

Sad Moment As Bride-To-be collapse and Dies On Her Wedding Day (Watch)


There is a picture of a Bride-To-be who collapse during her special day. According to the source it is said that a Bride-To-be in India lost life during her wedding day. It Isa said that her husband-to-be had to marry her younger sister instead.

The body of a young woman was in a room next room as the husband ahe the younger sister proceed with the marriage. It is said that the two families have come to an agreement after the Bride-To-be suffered a cardiac arrest and collapse unconscious during their special day as they exchange vows.

It's sad that the her husband had to get married while she has not been buried. I don't know which culture is this that they can't stop the wedding by forcing to proceed even when the family is still in pain. It must have been very difficult for her family to come from this decision. The despondency over her passing and the satisfaction of the wedding presently can't seem to soak in.'

Both the families sat together and somebody recommended that my more youthful sister Nisha ought to be hitched to the groom.'The families examined the matter and both concurred. It's shocked everyone the way the two family have handle the situation. Surabhi's sibling said that they didn't have the didn't know what to do in the circumstance' from the start. Many fans have blame them both families for taking such decisions. It means that the younger sister could have been forced or maybe the family is holding the other family on to. I mean there must be something that the family could be hiding that they don't want others to know.

Let's send our condolences to the family that are currently in need of prayer because the situation is unique. We never heard of such thing.

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