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Lady Volunteers To Be A Surrogate For 24 Year Old Man And His 61 Year Old Wife

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A couple seeking a surrogate for their kid has openly shown interest in working with Jaruma, who has publicly expressed interest in assisting them. Cheryl and Quran, on the other hand, are no strangers to the spotlight.

Remember that the news of Quran, a 24-year-old, and Cheryl, a 61-year-old, being married recently went viral and elicited a wide range of opinions from the general public?

However, because Cheryl is clearly over the age of childbearing, stories have it that the pair has opted to use surrogacy, and Jaruma has taken to her Facebook page to offer her assistance to the couple only a few hours ago. Jaruma, on the other hand, came with a condition: she declared that she will only carry the couple's kid in her womb if it is done through a surrogacy plug, which she strongly encouraged the pair to do. Jaruma shared his thoughts on the subject.

'Please inform this couple that I, Jaruma, will be carrying their kid on their behalf... I am more than prepared to do this for them in order for them to be happy in their marriage/union.'

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