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‘See 6 Reasons Why It May Not Be A Good Idea for Married Men To Go for DNA test.

We marry because we want to be with our partners, and anything that can jeopardize that should be avoided. I'm not saying it in a derogatory way, but seeing something that will scatter our homes should be a bigger incentive for us to stay together, retain our love, and be the person we believe we are. 

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"Lie to me, if the truth will crush my heart," a musician once penned in her lyrics. If some realities would end up wreaking devastation on our sweet partnership, it's best to keep them hidden. DNA testing appears to be the norm, as some people have made a lot of noise about it. Those who are involved, however, will understand that this is not a joke. In a matter of seconds, it may destroy dreams and disperse families. 

If I may inquire, how do you know you are your father's son? What would you do if your father decided to take a DNA test and the results revealed you are not his son? For married males, all of this DNA talk might not be so wonderful. 

The reasons why married men should not take DNA tests are listed below. 

1. The outcome could be heartbreaking. You've been in love with your wife for a long time and have to believe that she's the mother of your biological children. If you go ahead and take a DNA test, the results could be too much for you to bear. Not everyone can handle their world collapsing in front of them. So stay away from DNA tests if you want to avoid grief. 

2. It has the potential to be the end of your relationship. If you do a DNA test and the findings reveal that your children are not yours, for example, if you have four children and the results show that they aren't yours. That could spell the end of your long-term relationship. 

3. It has the potential to suffocate your children's faith in you. You've looked at these children and seen yourself in them, and you've dreamed big and invested in them, confident that your children will repay you when they're older. Will you allow something to be destroyed as a result of a test now? 

4. It has the potential to destroy both your and your children's love for one another. They've known you as their biological father since the day they were born, and you've known them as your biological children since the day they were born. You've bonded with this consciousness and are conversing with it. If the results of a DNA test reveal that you are not their biological father. It will have an impact on the love you two shared. You may despise these youngsters who have never done anything wrong, and they may despise you as a result of how you treat them. 

5. It has the potential to push you to do things you never thought you'd do. Finally, you may choose to harm these helpless children, your wife, and yourself. 

6. It's possible you're not your father's biological son. Finally, if you wish to do a DNA test to see if your children are your biological offspring or if they are the children of another man or woman, remember to do so first for yourself to ensure that you are your father's biological son. 

Take your father with you if he's still alive. If he isn't, take your siblings and find out. You might be surprised to learn that you aren't even a biological son of the man you consider to be your father. Don't check to see if your children are your biological offspring until you've confirmed your actual son-ship with the man you perceive as a father.

Lest you come out and claim your children aren't your biological children without realizing you aren't the biological son of the man you refer to as your father. Calling the kettle black will not be beneficial for charcoal. 

So think about it, and don't take a DNA test if you love your family.

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