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Waste of Husbands Money” Social Media Descends Heavily on a Lady Who Got Married With 19 Bridesmaids


Spending on Husbands' Money": Social media declines sharply than 19-year-old married woman

Husband's Money Spread: Social Media React To Lady Married With 19 Virgins In Her Marriage. It is no secret that most Ghanaians love to spend a lot of money on weddings and wedding receptions. They like to plan big wedding ceremonies to the extent that they can go with a loan to fulfill the dream of having an expensive wedding.

A photo posted on social media took a photo of a young woman who called nineteen girls at her wedding and many social media users were not at all satisfied with her choice of marriage.

Some have described the woman as an opportunist as she was not sponsoring the marriage. They explained that the woman should have considered her husband's bank account and tried to help him save money instead of supporting the bride's 19-year-old daughter, including other high expenses.

While some people just love the idea of ​​what this lady has done and pray to have such a beautiful wedding when it is their turn because they believe that this couple has the financial muscles to get rid of such a marriage.

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