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How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Bad And Jealous By Ignoring Him


 There are many times that a man has to lose the woman next to him to see his true worth. 


 But that's rarely the case. Whether you decided to give him one more chance or to leave him forever, the only way for a man to learn his lesson is to experience pain. 


 The pain of your indifference can be very intense when you know how to play your cards. So, if you want to know how to ignore and hurt a man, keep these tips in mind. 


 1. Be prettier than ever. 




 This can drive you crazy. 


 Knowing that suddenly he can no longer have you to unleash his desire for you, but if you also invest a little money to make yourself irresistible, he will bite his fist. 


 2. Smile and have fun without. 




 Going out and having fun is more important than ever. 


 If possible, in the areas it normally moves so you can see it with your own eyes, but if not, don't stop documenting your little parties with your phone and uploading them to Facebook. 


 3. Don't reply to their messages. 




 Sooner or later you will get stuck on your phone for hours, sending you WhatsApp messages asking them to speak to you. 


 Don't even think about giving him this pleasure. 


 Just ignore all of their communications and also make sure the blue double check is ticked so they know you've read them. 


 Thank you for reading.

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