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A lady used witchcraft on her friend and this happened

It's true when they say, our enemies are the same people we share our deepest secrets with, people we cry to in days of sorrow and people we think of when we have accomplished our greatest achievements not knowing they are the ones who wishes the worst for us.

In this time that we live in, a person's trust should be in God because only him will always protect them and cause no harm to them.

A woman's happily ever after was lived shortly because of her jealous friend whom she probably saw her as her best friend.

A lady shared how jealous she got when her friend found a man who had good intentions for her. She shared that, the man got serious in the space of two months and she couldn't take that as a results she was admitted to the hospital because of her jealousy.

She revealed that, she went to extreme measures to make sure that, her friends Relationship don't last and she went to a well know witchdoctor in Tembisa who helped her destroy her friends Relationship and because of that, her friend came back from Cape Town after her evil plan worked.

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