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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

Most of females who are on high position is hard for them to get married.

If a women earn more money than a man is a problem in a relationship because most of women start to disrespect their man based on what the provide. There's caose in marriageis divorce is like playing a football in today's generation.

No loyalty if I date u I must also have another one for backup. Full of fear to lose a life partner because there's no honesty. People get married this year the next year they are divorced what is going on is that the way we must live our life's.

People are dying the cause is the same thing marriage. I think marriages was created by God and the solution is to come back to the creator so that u can know your purpose in life.

Peace is what we need in human race if we can come together as one we can solve this problems. If we know who we are and love our self it will be easy for us to love one another.

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