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Memes that will leave you in stitches

My husband is take me tomorrow for soaping, what should I bye. A dictionary Who told Africans that the water that remains after bathing is used for washing underwear. When your brother is the minister of road and transport. When the pilot tells everyone to take out their parachute and you don't have it

Your son went to steal from Okeke, the great herbalist. Chief, I will make sure I punish him when he return back home... Okeke is angry and he has transformed your son to a chicken... My son! Please let's go and beg him.. I told my guards to bring the chicken to you, did you kept it well? I have already eaten the chicken they brought Me as a lawyer crushing on the judge:

Objection my love I have never heard twins calling each other twinkle, it's always two fake friends.

Black single mothers love to dress their sons like the men who left them...

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