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Wedding planning scene

Here are things that can bring bad luck to a wedding

14 things that are really bad luck at a wedding that seem to bring shame to peonies makes a "first look" photo shoot, despite the fact that that was a huge mistake in the past.

But if you are superstitious and fear the omens of the wicked, these symbols of bad luck should be avoidedGETTY

Getting married on a Saturday

We know, we know: It's the most popular day of the week to say "Yes, I do", but according to English folklore, that weekend day becomes a couple's life of bad luck. Of course, one should avoid the 13th and the month of May entirely. READ ADVERTISEMENT Date My Age Why is it never too late to love?

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Dropping a Ring During the Ceremony

Tradition says that if someone drops a ring while reciting a vow, that person will die. Oh! And that applies to everyone: the preacher, the ring bearer or the best man. READING Bad Luck WeddingGETTY

Using Your Married Last Name Before Your Wedding Tip

: Keep your last name before the ceremony. If you fail to and accidentally use your new last name before officially saying "Yes I do", tradition says the wedding will not happen. ADVERTISEMENT READ BELOW Bad Luck At Wedding

Receive Knives As A Gift

Sure, an expensive knife set might be high on your list, but if you are superstitious then skip this on the record.Since these sharp tools cut things in two, some believe that they will lead to a broken marriage. “Clock” also means “the end” in Mandarin. Who would have thought a little timer could be so scary?GETTY

Preview of the Bride

Although "first sight" weddings dominate these days, it was against tradition for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding than arranged marriages were more common of them having changed their minds. This gave rise to superstition. ADVERTISEMENT READ MORE BELOW Unhappy Wedding GETTY

Peonies represent shame

Although they have become one of the most sought-after bridal bouquets, in some cultures these flowers represent shame, which is the last thing you want on your wedding day. A book called The Language of Flowers, which gave different meanings to flowers, resulted in these sunny flowers being viewed as something that brings the green-eyed monster into a relationship.

Donating Pearls

While many women are likely to wear their mother's or grandmother's pearl necklace as a "borrowed thing", some believe it represents future tears and sorrows in the marriage. Dressing in white didn't begin with Queen Victoria, but an old nursery rhyme has it that red, yellow, green, pink, gray, and black bring negativity into marriage. In particular, red will make you "wish you were dead".ADVERTISEMENT READ BELOW Wedding

Sew Your Own Dress

Sure, DIY weddings are growing in popularity, but some people believe that every stitch you sew is a tear you shed during your marriage when you get yours sew your own dress

. from 14Put on the outfit beforehand It is tempting to try the final look before the big day, but putting on the dress, shoes, veil, and the entire outfit is said to cause heartache and tragedy. They say that if a bride sees a nun or monk while traveling to her wedding, she will be cursed with a meager life that depends on charity.

Though we haven't figured out how that works for people who have religious ceremonies.Unlucky Wedding

Seeing a Pregnant Woman

People used to believe that it was a bad omen for a pregnant woman to visit a bride's house before her wedding ... which, frankly, doesn't make any sense to us . How many pregnant bridesmaids were there during

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