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Ladies know it is time to let him go when he does this


Lies are something that destroys a relationship as they destroy the trust you have on your partner. When your partner starts lying about his whereabouts or what he is up to you should be worried because what could be the reason if both of you have been honest with each other at first.

Texting you goodnight earlier than expected

This might be because your partner probably want to get up to no good and do not want you to disturb as you might think they are probably sleeping. You should watch out on this behavior, you can take it at first as they might be telling the truth but if it becomes a habit you should get worried.

When you are together their phone does not ring

This is another way cheaters try to hide their secrets, they put their phones on silents or flight mode or even switch them off. This is worrisome as the person would always be on their phone when you are not together.

Going Awol

This is when they dissappear on you for weeks, days or even a night. The person would come back claiming they were robbed, fell asleep, forgot to charge their phone or was going through a rough time. A good partner would communicate with you and let you what happens in their life, even if they gonna get busy they let you know so that you don't get worried.

Accuse you of cheating

Most of people who accuse you of something are probably feeling guilty of something and in this case your partner might be feeling guilty of being unfaithful and probably thinking you might do the same thing they are doing.


Telling you how to behave, how to dress, who to hangout with, what to eat or do are all signs of being controlled. Many people might mistaken it for love but someone who loves you will always accept you for who you are and not try to change you.


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