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Don't Be Deceived, Men Enjoy Doing These Things As Much As Women


For far too long, South African men have denigrated women while feigning disinterest in things like watching romantic comedies or utilizing skincare products. I'm here to expose them, though. Men genuinely enjoy:

1. Although they enjoy using skincare products, men detest purchasing them. They always become really excited to spend the night at women's homes because of this. The opportunity to test out all the face masks, cleansers, toners, etc. is their only one. When they get home, they start using Irish Spring once more.

2. Watching soap-operas

Although I'm sure men will argue against this with bare chests, I can assure you that South African males enjoy soap operas. At first, they'll watch Hard Guy Hard Guy, but after watching one episode alone or with their significant others in a waiting area, they'll be hooked. The next thing you know, people are questioning Rosalina and trying to figure out why she won't give Fernandez a chance.

3. Tiktok

Men in South Africa frequently participate in a variety of Tik Tok challenges, especially those that require acting, dancing, or masquerading as women to make jokes. But ladies are most addicted to Tik Tok!

4. Applying filters to Snapchat

You believe that ladies utilize Snapchat filters? I dare you to look through a man's Snapchat history right now. They might not always utilize puppy faces or flower filters.

But do you notice the ones that make your skin clear and radiant? These folks can be found there.

5. Food

Men in South Africa frequently complain about how eating is all that women know and that it consumes their lives. But have you ever seen these men discuss food on Twitter? They are the ones that constantly ask for freshly made pots of soup every day and worry who should make dinner when one person arrives home late from work.

6. Carrying handbags

Oh, I'm sorry, they're called satchels. Please, tell me who you think you're fooling. You can refer to it as a murse or satchelman purse. Bags are bags, period. Men have probably concluded that their pockets are simply insufficient, and I can see why.

Content created and supplied by: HopeAlive1 (via Opera News )

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