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Viewers label the families as "dumb" after their hilarious stint on Date My Family

Date My Family is a show on Mzansi Magic thay helps singles look for love. The format makes you date three separate families and on this date you can find your perfect match. However, this week while our bachelor was a charming Indian man, the family's created some hilarity.

Specifically a woman from the first family.

Now I'm sure we can all admit to having made some mistakes when we aren't sure about something. This can surely be excused. But when it happens more than once we can start to be more suspicious that something other than human error is involved.

Viewers believed this was the case with the first family. One of the lovely ladies heard our bachelor has a 22 year old and immediately claimed she was a teenager. Another assumed Kyalami was in Durban and it made people question her intelligence. It was just odd all around. While simple math evaded one of them.

Social Media Response

People were equal parts amused and amazed at the families this week.

One viewer wrote, "I don't wanna lie the families today are a bit dumb nyana😭#DateMyFamily"

While another viewer wrote, "Sister 1: where are you from

Raj: khayalami 

Sister 1: oh from KZN

Sister 2 : I don't know why my sister would say that, maybe she thought of khaya Elisha. Jesos 🥶#DateMyFamily"

A final user wrote, "#DobsRidiculosity 

Raj: I have a daughter, she's 22

Linda's cousin: she's a teenager

Ahhhhhhhh! #DateMyFamily"

I think we can't merely judge the ladies for this moment. It might have been nerves or a language barrier issues. Either way I don't think we can gauge intelligence based on a 5 minute moment.

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Source: Date My Family on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

You can check out the clip here

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