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Checkout these 4 things you should never tell your Ex

When a relationship ends, especially if it was a difficult one, you usually have a long list of things you want to say to your ex. Maybe you just want to tell them how much you miss them, or maybe it's something else entirely. You need to master the art of lip smacking. Although the whole premise may be bothersome, believe me when I tell it is the best. Here are seven things you should never, ever say to your ex. 

"Let's be pals," says the first. You should never anticipate someone to come back into your life once you leave a relationship. Telling them they can be friends if you dumped them is a slap in the face. It can also be challenging to be friends. Ignoring them is a smart idea. 

2. "I've been thinking about you a lot lately." Be quite explicit about your aims when speaking with your ex. It is advisable to avoid telling them how much you miss them if you have no intention of ever seeing them again. It makes a bad impression on them. 

3. "Without you, I'm a lot better off." This in and of itself seems horrible, and you can only imagine the emotional anguish it would cause the other person. You may disagree with your spouse's actions, but that does not give you the right to berate them. They, too, are hurting and have feelings. 

4. "You're nothing compared to my partner." Another snide remark about your ex. It's advisable to stick with your new friend once you've built a relationship with them. On the other hand, some people want to rub elbows with their ex-lovers to show how far they've come. It's a bad idea.

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