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Wedding planning scene

She was not satisfied at honeymoon, this is what she did

Cynthia Rimai, 29, has done the unthinkable by refunding lobola to her husband Ian Samkange because he is 'weak in bed.'

What's more, theirs was supposed to be a super love story, with Ian fantasizing about a fairytale wedding.

He paid $3 700 lobola in September and would have paid more if Cynthia hadn't insisted on a honeymoon the day after the lobola.

Because Ian's Church beliefs require a white wedding before a couple can stay or sleep together, the couple went on their honeymoon to Mauritius, which violated Ian's Chu.rch beliefs.In fact, because he was afraid of sin, Ian, who had not slept with Cynthia during their courtship, reserved two separate hotel rooms for the couple. Everything went wrong in their marriage at that point.


Did she do the right thing ?by giving him his money back ? Or she was supposed to stay in a marriage were she wasn't satisfied?

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Chu.rch Cynthia Ian Mauritius


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