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My Cousin Wanted To Steal My Man And I Did This To Her (read chats)

Many people say, "You can love them all, but you can't trust anyone." Well, one thing I've noticed about this proverb is that the term "trust no one" refers to your siblings, family, and friends as well. No of how long you've been together and what you've been through together as a couple while growing up, you should never trust anyone, especially when it comes to your relationship affairs.

Well, in my case, because my cousin and I are of the same age group, we talked a lot about relationships and how our partners treat us, and in most of the conversations we had, I was the one who spoke and shared a lot about my relationship, so now that I've shared a lot about my relationship with my cousin. By the way she was interested in our affairs and the way she always acted whenever we were near him, I understood she had developed a thing for him.

So, with things being the way they are, I began to limit the information I shared because my gut told me that if I kept doing so, my cousin would become a problem in my relationship, and I was unprepared for it. However, it appears that my stopping didn't help because she went ahead and made a move on him, but luckily I found out, and I cloned his WhatsApp chats and began conversing with her pretending to be my boyfriend, and this worked. Read the following talks.

Although dealing with her the way I just did gives me some peace of mind because I know she won't try to kidnap him. Another part of me feels sad for her, because anything may happen to her while she's waiting for a taxi, especially if she doesn't have the funds to get home. Is it really necessary for me to feel sorry for her, or does it serve her well?

What are your thoughts on what I just did to one of our siblings because of a man?

Thanks for reading.

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