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How To Avoid The Friend Zone And "Nice Guy Syndrome" When Dating Women

Be on your own path.

The desire to satisfy others is one of the defining characteristics of a pleasant guy.

This may appear to be a beneficial thing... Yet it isn't.

A nice guy lives to make other people happy in the hopes that they will like him. He is so unsure of himself, so unconfident, and so lacking in internal purpose and drive.

Saying "Screw you" to focusing on making other people happy and placing your attention solely on dominating YOUR path is the first step in killing the Nice Guy inside of you.

What your objectives are, what you want to do, or who you want to be doesn't matter to me.

Do it.

Maintain your course. Make independent choices. Be egocentric (more on that later). And put yourself first, before everyone else.

Women find this to be really beautiful when you are on your path and are aware of your mission.

Not only will you be happier when you say "No" to dates, nights out with friends, or family time because you have YOUR OWN life and YOUR OWN goals that you are pursuing, but also those around you will gain more.

What do you believe your family's true desires are? For you to attend a further dull dinner when everyone will be debating politics and questioning your lack of children?

Or do you want to live a meaningful life on your terms so that you may assist others in doing the same?

Own your path, follow your own inclinations, and disregard what others may desire or believe. You only get one life. So take ownership of it and stop letting others manage it. The first time you put the good guy to bed, do it like this.

2. State Your Intentions Clearly

Nice guys don't want to offend or be rejected by others. They want other people to admire them. In order to deceive a lady into liking and sleeping with him six months from now, they will attempt to become friends with her while lying about their objectives (i.e., their sexual urges).

Fuck that! It will never be effective and only harm the connection.

You have to be sincere about your aspirations if you want to be a grounded man. Without any shame or guilt, you must own your impulses. You must be true to yourself, speak the truth, and care nothing about whether or not it makes other people happy.

Don't be a girl's buddy if you like her. Be truthful with her.

I'm not referring about being weird and saying, "Hey girl, let's go back to my place and see what happens." I merely mean that your aims should be clear.

You're quite cute, I think I like you, but I'm afraid you might be problem, for instance.

Don't keep your goals a secret. Do not conceal your desires. Take responsibility for them, let them out in a healthy way, and let the cards fall as they may.

3. Make a choice.

Nice guys struggle to make and keep to decisions because they want to make other people happy.


Nobody wants to follow or sleep with a weak, unsure man.

You'll frequently discover that by exercising greater decisiveness, you actually empower individuals and provide them a sense of security and self-assurance.

Start off modestly.

The next time you and your pals are trying to reach a consensus, speak up and state your position clearly. Pick a movie or show to watch instead of scrolling aimlessly for two hours on Netflix when you're with a date. Find the first item on the menu that looks good and order it while you are at a restaurant.

Make judgments without hesitation and swiftly. Owning your desires and making decisions are traits of the Grounded Man.

4. Angry People

All "Nice Guys" fundamentally comprehend the fact that you CANNOT please everyone.

You will enrage another 1-2 people for every joyful you make one person.

Therefore, give up trying to make other people happy and concentrate on making yourself happy.

Call someone out on their falsehood if they bring it up during a conversation with friends. Share your opinions if someone holds political views that you don't. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and to enrage people.

Most of the time, you'll discover that people respect you more for expressing your truth and defying the norm than they would if you were to lie about your convictions in order to appease them.

Don't even try to please everyone since you can't.

5. Develop an attitude of abundance

Nice guys fear that "this" will be their final opportunity to find a devoted partner. Men with a solid foundation are aware that there are millions of wonderful partners among the billions of women in the globe.

Never become fixated on a single woman. Recognize that you are the treasure and develop an attitude of abundance.

If one female rejects you or puts you in the friend zone, it won't mean the end of the world.

If you approach a woman and she says, "Go," your life hasn't changed in the slightest.

The sea is teeming with fish.

So don't get disappointed if you miss catching one of them.

6. Be Selfish and Love Yourself More Than Anyone Else You are the most significant person in YOUR life.

When you were growing up, your parents, professors, and friends urged you to "be unselfish" and to "live for others."

Ignore that.

You're CALLED to be egotistical. You are the most significant individual in your universe and the only one who must live with the consequences of the choices you make on a daily basis.

Therefore, put yourself first.

When you want to, say "no." Express yourself. Put your own needs, your work or profession, your health, and your happiness first.

Selfishness is viewed negatively in society due to a flawed meme.

However, let me ask you this: What is their purpose if it is to live for you?

Only when people put their own needs first before assisting others does life function.

If your cup is empty, you are unable to contribute to others.

So put yourself first and be incredibly self-centered. Due to your merit.

7. Bear in mind She is merely a person.

The main issue with Nice Guys is that they regard women as gods in a world of ordinary people. They elevate women and believe that because they have an attractive figure, symmetrical face, and good butt, they are more deserving of respect as people.


You are completely ignorant of this woman. She might be the most uninteresting and unpleasant person you've ever met, for all you know!

So stop elevating women to a higher status. All they are is humans. Like you and I, they experience terrible days, get sick, fart, sleep in too late, fret about their employment, and buy late-night pizza.

Instead of thinking, "OMG she's so beautiful, I hope she likes ME," treat her like a person and go into the conversation thinking, "She seems cool, I hope I like HER."

Stop transferring your authority to women. Give them humane treatment. Look past their appearance and into their true selves.

Because doing so will help you develop attraction and a strong relationship.

Hope this was useful.

Keep Your Ground,


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