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PHOTOS| Meet gay couples who are raising children together (Opinion)

A gay relationship is a union in which both partners are of the same sexual orientation as one another. A circumstance in which a man marries another man or goes into a relationship with another man is referred to as a union of convenience. However, despite the fact that homosexual relationship are largely frowned upon in rural areas, they are quite popular in urban areas. In the perspective of the general public, persons who fall in love with someone of the same gender are considered to be breaching the law of God because they God did not approve it in the book of Christianity, which is a bible.

Thanks to labor unions that fight for their members' rights and the integrity of their workplace relationships, things have gotten a little simpler in recent years. Increasingly, homosexual men and women are marrying and starting families with a big number of children in today's society. Adoption, egg donation, foster care, and other techniques are used by homosexual couples to have children in their marriage because they are unable to have children in the same manner that a woman and a man may.

As an example, I've compiled a list of gay couples who are happily married and have children together for the purpose of this piece. In my opinion, people should stop judging them and stop killing them for being themselves and what they believe they are truly are. The fact that they do not engage in what many people are following doesn't mean they should be disowned and killed. The government have approved gays relationship and people must do so and stop with the hate.

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