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Face2Face: Cheating boyfriend causes girlfriend to literally lose her mind

Face2Face: Cheating boyfriend causes girlfriend to literally lose her mind

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Last night's episode of Face 2 Face left a lot of South Africans reflecting on the effects that cheating has on the cheated partner. The lady, who got infected with Herpes from her wondering boyfriend also disclosed that her mental health took spiral and lost her mind.

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From how she was speaking and how she said that she beats whoever provokes her, it became clear that the only way for Kgadi, the mistress, to leave the table was to deny being with her boyfriend. Whether or not Kgadi was being honest in her denial of being with the boyfriend in a long time, is still sketchy because I feel like she had to protect herself and one way to do that was to deny association with the said partner. In the end, the main lady apologized to Kgadi for involving her in her shenanigans and committed to staying in the relationship with her boyfriend.

I feel like the boyfriend does more harm than good to her. As it stands, she is always waiting to fight and defend herself because he has conditioned her to feel like the only way she will have him is by fighting. The saddest part is that she literally lost her mind in the fight for a man who led her to feeling inadequate and unworthy of pure love.

Being cheated on also can mess you up psychologically #face2face @being_ayxanda

It's dangerous to cheat for person like this, one day this man is going to meet his maker #Face2FaceMzansi

This show triggers me so much because I know that one who used to be mine loved his ex so much that even when he called her to choose me and our son he still went back to her no matter what, they are soul mates I was the one he settled for #face2facemzansi

She looks like she going to pick up that knife and stab that guy😬#Face2FaceMzansi

Mpumi has been through the worst. #face2face

#face2face She's suffering from adult speech disorder, you will think she's drunk yet not. Please don't laugh people. @SkhandisaXolani

Source: DStv channel 161, Twitter

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