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Why Men Love Curvey Girls

Men have a strange obsession with women who look good. They spend their money on them and will even go to great lengths to get them into bed. It’s hard to understand why, but their obsession with the body of a woman is undeniable. This has caused many a woman to wonder, “Is it better to be a curvey girl or a skinny girl?”

When I first met my wife, we talked about each other's flaws. She was the type to fixate on the small stuff. I was the type to never notice the small stuff. I loved her unshakable confidence.

Most men find women with curves more attractive than women with no curves. This is because men are genetically programmed to seek women who are fertile and healthy, and women with curves are more likely to be fertile and healthy than women without. This is why men often say that they like a woman with a “cushy” body. They are saying that they find a woman with curves to be physically comfortable.

Men are attracted to women who are physically attractive. Curvy women are perceived as more feminine, which makes them sexier. This has been shown in numerous studies, with women being rated as more attractive when they are also deemed to be more feminine. This has also been shown to have a positive effect on men’s feelings towards women, with men also being rated as more attractive when they are also deemed to be more feminine.

Men across the world have fallen in love with curvy women. Curvy women are often seen as sexier, more attractive, and overall better than their thinner counterparts. When a man sees a curvy woman, they immediately think of her as a goddess, someone they would love to be with. This has led to the vast majority of men wanting to date a curvy woman over a thin woman.

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