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Is the Honeymoon phase over for the young couple From iSencane Lengane [Opinion]

Thando and Siyacela the young couple that got everyone talking from Moja Love Isencane Lengane reality show.When the young couple first appeared every one got dumbfounded considering their age but they ended up getting married and now they are official married.However some traits clearly shows that they are still teenagers.

It shows that they still need guidance in all aspects of life.Will they be able to stand on their own?Will they continue with their studies or be dependent in any shape and form apart from their family members.

Siyacela seems to be demanding or maybe it’s because his dad always come to his rescue and that makes him to have the sense of relaxation and not thinking of doing anything or trying to look for a job.He seems to be nonchalant towards his future and providing for his wife.

The question is will you allow your teenage girl or boy to be married.Let me know on the comment section if you think they took a good step by getting married while they young so they can grow together.

They still young and growing up and might make mistakes.They need someone who will be consistent in their lives by being the present role model especially in Siyacela’s life.

Honeymoon phase seems to be over now it’s the time for them to work and build up their marriage like every married couple.The in’s and out of being married they are now facing them will they conquer them.

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