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4 Reasons Men Find A Lady Unattractive Despite Her Beauty

To help throw some light on the mystery of silent females' perceived undesirability to men, we've compiled a list of four possible explanations.

Many women are baffled as to why men no longer find them appealing, despite the fact that they may have a lovely face and a great look. Males might assess your "elegance" in addition to your physical appeal.

So here are some things that males think about once they've met someone new, shall we?

1. If you're a guy, it's common knowledge that women who can't speak in basic English turn you off. For a woman, it's imperative that she cultivates the habit of speaking English fluently and authoritatively at all times.

2. Poor fashion sense

A bad sense of style is a deal breaker for the majority of males. In general, males favour attractive women with good personal style. Doing this doesn't require that you be a "Slay Queen." Decide on the right colour scheme and style of clothes for a given event.

3. Talking too much

While being joyful all the time and participating in conversations is admirable, being too talkative is a major turn for many people. Generally, those who talk a lot are more likely to be dishonest and fabricate information. Apart from that, women who talk too much risk having their words lose their meaning.

Even if you are a woman, you are not obligated to engage in every discussion you are in.

4. Dirtiness

Ladies, just because you're pretty doesn't give you licence to be dirty.

Girls should take extra measures due to their increased susceptibility to some bacterial infections. Men favour women who are well-groomed and smell good. Because of your attractiveness, you can no longer disregard personal hygiene.

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