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6 Places You Should Touch Your Man To Make Him Feel Loved

The best way to express your feelings is to act on them. Use these six points of contact to show your partner how much you care by petting him often. The majority of men desire to feel their partner's delicate touch all the time. Make your man happy by frequently touching him in these places. This will strengthen your relationship even further.

Whenever your boyfriend comes home from a long day at work, learn to give him a gentle touch to help him relax. Here are a few things you may do to make your man feel special and cherished by touching him.

1. When you touch your man's feet after a long day's work, you are saying to him that you appreciate his efforts without saying anything directly. The ache in your man's feet can be alleviated by giving him a foot massage. You might make him chuckle by touching his feet in a certain way.

2. Touching your man's back in a lighthearted manner is a fantastic idea. To make it appear as if you're marking his back, draw a line over his shirt. You may also make him feel better by relieving his back ache.

3. Beard: If your man has a beard, it's a good idea to massage him while he's shaving. Whether he's watching TV or working on something, his beard is open to being touched. Try to make sure he always has a combed and styled beard when he goes to work.

4. Always make eye contact with him and touch the back of his ears.

5. The lips: Try to tease your man as much as possible by touching his lips.

6. Try to sweetly touch your man's neck whenever he is lying on your body. You can also engage in fun chin squeezing with him.

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