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Uzalo - Njeza and Nosipho toxic relationship explained

Nosipho (Nompilo Maphumulo) finds herself in a position she never dreamt she’d be in: she’s a battered woman and scared for her life. 

What started out as a few shoves at the end of September escalates into full-on abuse by the man she deeply loves Njeza (Nkanyiso Makhanya).

“The abuse goes from just threats to him choking her, kicking and slapping her until she has bruises on her face,” reveals Nompilo. 

“Nosipho is in too deep and crazy in love with her man and she wants to cover up for him.

She doesn’t want anybody to know what’s happening between them. He’s buying her make up to hide the bruises and she sees this as a gesture of love.”

But that changes when Njeza beats Nosipho to the point where she decides that she needs to buy a gun to protect herself from him…


Nosipho is growing increasingly worried that the next time Njeza hits her, she may die. 

“So the gun is there to shoot him and put a stop to the abuse,” says Nompilo. “She doesn’t want to go to the police, and she has no one that she can talk to about her problems.” 

But before she can use it, Njeza – who was released from prison a year ago after serving time for killing his dad after the man had beaten Njeza’s mom to death – begs her for forgiveness. He explains his family history in an effort to try make her understand his actions.

“Njeza saw how his father dealt with his mother when she disrespected him. He beat her up to make her toe the line,” explains Nkanyiso. So Njeza does the same to Nosipho…

Source: TVSA

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