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Pregnancy period

African culture and children born before marriage

We all know children are blessings no matter what age a mother has one. Children are gifts from God and not everyone has the privilege to have one of their own.

As much as people have a right to decide what to do with their bodies, we cannot runaway that one of the many things that lead to people to abort children is the stigma of having children at a young age and before marriage.

Many Christian’s associate sexual intimacy with marriage therefore when a person gets pregnant is always looked as damaged or them as a loose person.


Many woman nowadays are able to bare children and raise them as single parents and we do not celebrate these woman enough.

According to African culture when a man impregnates a woman without marrying her the man is liable to pay damages for the mother. A child born before marriage is to take surname, rituals and culture from the mother’s side unless the father comes and pays bride price for the child and a sacrifice is slaughtered to appease the maternal ancestors.

We have adapted to the western culture so much that the children we have we make them take the fathers surnames without knowing the consequences of this. It may not affect the child at early age but later on a child might have difficulties learning or even finding work after completing studies all due to the surname they have taken. In African context a child born before marriage is the maternal family’s child unless they are paid for. please share your thoughts, expiriences and opinions on this matter below.

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