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Wedding planning scene

Traditional wedding with a huge sum of money on the umbrella as a gift to the bride

  Daily Post

09 October 2021

A good thing is that the Zulu culture is still there to its tribe. Senzo from Nongoma has done an amazing ceremony for his wife by giving her an umbrella full of money.Some people will be amazed why he did not give his money private.The money on the umbrella is a gift from anyone who attended tge ceremony that is meant to be given the bride.

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Happiness is written on their faces as you can see that this has best one of their perfect traditional wedding wd have ever seen in a while.

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This ceremony is when the families exchange the gifts.Senzo and his wife did their best by honouring Nongoma name as it is a respected place

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Zulu men always do their best when it comes to wearing and obeying their traditional uniform.

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Daily Post

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