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See Why Most People Cry The Day They Graduate: Opinion

The truth is, you are not responsible for the life of your past, past pains, hard upbringing and all sorts of hardships but you are responsible for your future. You can't change yesterday, it is spilled water but you can change tomorrow. How tomorrow will gona be, is determined by the decision made today whilst in that situation.

Successful people are not just automatically made, they were made by decisions they made yesterday/ in their past life. Your past life can create a miserable tomorrow or a beautiful tomorrow. How you make decisions today, affects the results of your tomorrow.

The taste of a cookie, is in the mixing of a dough, wrong mix = wrong cookies, wrong process = wrong results. Follow the right process, no matter the sacrifices in it, tomorrow you will smile. See the pic below:

A lot of people have experience with this, parents would do whatever they can, just for you to eat, to go to school with a uniform and shoes. Your tomorrow can change, if you can also do a little to not throw your parent's effort to the drain.

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