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Divorce Affair

VIDEO|| Husband Caught His Wife In Bed With Another Man Next To Their Newborn Baby, See What He Did


Being loyal to your partner is one of the things that people promise to their partner when they decide to embark on a love journey together. Although it was never promised, it is one thing that doesn’t have to be negotiated. But nowadays, it seems like loyalty is hard to find in both males and females. People are cheating on their partners on a daily basis. We used to believe that women had extramarital affairs due to a man’s poor financial background, but nowadays the most unexpected happens. Even people who have millions in their bank accounts are being cheated on. What happened to loyalty and respect?



At some point, you might even think that maybe there’s a demon that possesses people so that they can cheat. But the truth is that cheating is not a mistake or a demon; it is a decision that one makes with a sobbed mind. There’s a video that shocked many people on social media. A video of a man from Hillbrow who caught his wife in bed with another man. What makes it even worse is that the husband and wife were married in a white wedding. In a video, the husband explains that when he married the woman, she had another husband but he didn’t know, so literally she was cheating when she got married. Now she’s married and she’s cheating with someone else. What's even more sad is that they did whatever they were doing next to the baby. Watch the full video at the link below:



After this video was posted, many people praised the husband for how he handled the situation. Many people overreact and become violent every time they catch their partners cheating. That is one of the reasons why there are so many cases of GBV.



They say what comes easy will also go easy. The husband made it clear that when he met this woman, she was in a relationship with another man. She just broke up with him, but he didn’t know. It is evident that this woman isn’t loyal. My advice to everyone out there is that if a person can get on with you, ask yourself what will stop them from cheating on you too.


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