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In Shock || Man Leaves Mzansi In STITCHES After Doing This To His Lover In Broad Daylight

Few days ago, the internet went wide when a side chick for 17 years underwent domestic violence in silence and was allegedly shot 9 times by her lover after all she sacrificed for the relationship. But it seems some women are blinded by love and can't see the wrong doings of their lover.

We now have a tragic story that has spread across the internet and has left a lot of people heartbroken by the way women are treated. There is a man who has sets out to disgrace his girlfriend as he drags her like a dog in broad daylight around the city. That's why many argue that women should start dating the people they love.

I don't think this man loves his woman in anyway, because if he truly do even the mere thought of this barbaric thought won't cross his mind.

Some argue that he should not in any way have punished her in front of anyone because no one knows what they went through.

It seems odd that men kill women this way and that all of this should end, so some insist that men who kill women should not be released on bail. The reason they say that is because we've seen a lot of people get guarantees even if their flaws don't allow them to get them.

This is a really frustrating incident as most women might soon become afraid of men given the recent treatment ladies are getting. People are blaming him for his actions, as it shows no sense of maturity. It seems that women are always at a disadvantage if they continue to date people who are not serious about them.

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