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Wedding planning scene

Just when you thought the wedding went well, the camera man reveals these unexpected photos // Image

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Laughter hours

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A marriage is one of the good thing that for sure everyone asks god everyday to give them. In 100%, only 60% of people have got this thing called a marriage. You can either get a marriage but fails to acquire happiness throughout the journey.

A lot of people get depressed during or after the wedding after realising the disadvantages of getting married at an earlier stage.

Below are some photos that were taken unexpected by the camera guys:

These are some of the pictures that owners had no idea about, and still now they don't get what was going on.

However, having kids before getting married sometimes is quite a good thing but sometimes bad.

Here is the thing, having a child while you are not married will make you cut the expenses at huge because a wedding requires a lot of cash. You can either decide to have kids after getting married but that will cost you a lot as you will be broke after spending a lot for the wedding. After buying a lot of things, booking, paying the vanue and going to the honeymoon. That is not for a person who works like a general worker, you have to be with extra work to provide you with the other expenses cover.

Also, there are some advantages and disadvantages of getting into a marriage.

First of all, marriage is a commitment. You can't just wake up today and ask someone to marry you, but you need to have a solid plan, perfect timing and good strategy.

You can't gave a wedding without goals.

- Some people are just in marriage because they wanted to be in and that's why most of the narrige fails, you need to have goals why are you getting married before you get married.

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