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UThando Nes'thembu: Makhumalo alludes to infighting and bad vibes between wives

This week on uThando Nes'thembu we got to see the reason why Mseleku was so caught up in his emotions. I was curious as I assumed something terrible happened. But it was only creative editing, Mseleku was only overwhelmed because of how much the moment meant to him.

His wives had come together a few episodes ago to plan how his birthday would come about. Mayeni had been adamant that Mseleku didn't like birthdays but MaCele and Makhumalo were sure that if his wives came together he would love it, and he did... maybe a little too much. He was inconsolable as they surprised him with a party at MaNgwabe's place, Maqaqa.

The way in which he was crying though, was definitely something sinister to me. It looked like it came from a place of deep torment and deep relief. He couldn't control himself as everyone spoke words of praise to him as a husband and father. It was slightly funny at first, until everyone was emotional along with him. It became beautiful.

But before the episode could end on a high note Makhumalo in her own confessional, aside from the party, spoke about the past. She mentioned something disappointing about how the wives, when gathered like they were, would start to think that one person was trying to get brownie points with Mseleku.

She hoped it would start to be different from that moment on but I have my doubts. It is the intrinsic problem with polygamy. There is a feeling of possessiveness but being unable to act on it.

For example, when Mseleku was crying, none of them were able to comfort him. Each of them sat uncomfortably in their chairs.

If there was no animosity, they would have been able to come together and comfort their husband jointly. Polygamy doesn't foster close sister wife bonds. Mseleku's tears may be for nothing. It all starts at the top. If he can't bring this about for himself, who can?

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