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#SkeemSaam|John is unsettled about the phone call that Meikie got from her family



John Maputla has been working hard to fix things between him and his wife after she was released from prison earlier this year, and he took all the responsibility to welcome her back home after the bad things that she did in the community.

But a phone call from Meikie family is starting to cause a huge concern because they want to visit them, and John has started to be worried about the reason of their visits because they have solved all their problems with Meikie, and now she has settled well in the house.

It looks like John fears that Meikie family might judge her for the way he treated his wife when she was still in prison, because he didn't want to visit her and he threatened her with divorce.

But all this have been forgotten because they have started a new chapter in their lives which has brought good fruits for them.

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John Maputla


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