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A pretty girl is so disappointed after her boyfriend of 8 years did this on her birthday!!

A woman who goes by the name of Kush on Twitter cries out after her boyfriends of eight years disappointed her on her birthday. Men who are opportunists quickly jumped into her DMs and try to console her. It's highly understandable why these men quickly turned into vultures; this lady is hot, she dresses well, and not to mention that she is curvaceous.

A genius guy once said "Love is blind" and I must admit; that guy was absolutely right; just look at how gorgeous is this lady and see what her boyfriend did on her birthday. As a man you must take advantage of your girlfriend's special days, you must be there for her when she needs you and you must always also be there when she is celebrating something.

According to this lady, she is so disappointed by the fact that her boyfriend didn't even send her even a text message on her special day "My boyfriend did absolutely nothing on my birthday calls, no text..nothing!!" Said this heartbroken lady. Now, here is the question. If you don't take care of your girlfriend what do you expect? Before you answer this question let's go to the comments first.

People have commented and here how they felt about this girl's situation "She is not your boyfriend my sister" said a Twitter user who doesn't tolerate nonsense.

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