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I Have Regretted Going On A Date With A Ghanaian Man -Nigerian Lady Laments

Nigerian woman expresses regret over having gone on a date with a Ghanaian man and says she now wishes she hadn't.

After coming across this video, many users of social media were unable to maintain their composure over the topic because it involved a gorgeous Nigerian woman who revealed her experience of going on a date with a Ghanaian man.

According to her, she has always criticized Nigerian men for their lack of romanticism and ignorance on the fact that Ghanaian guys are the worst. She claims that she has always done this.

The woman related that she had recently gone out on a date with a Ghanaian man, and that at the end of the evening, the man insisted that she pay the tab for the services that they had enjoyed at the location.

She claimed that she had never seen such a man in all of her previous experiences. Because of this, she got down on her knees and begged forgiveness from the men of Nigeria for having previously stated that they are not romantic.

She stated that despite the fact that she has gone out on dates with a number of Nigerian men, not a single one of them has ever let her pay for the expenses. However, a Ghanaian man is helping her pay her bills as well as his own by covering both sets of expenses.

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