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I Ddnt Know I Was Dating A Cheater Untill I Found This In His Room (see pic)

Dating and hanging out with my boyfriend for the past few years, I have continually questioned myself if I was making a right choice of having him as a boyfriend because what I niticed every time we have been going out with hid pals was that, The guys loved and spoke about very much and wheneverwe went out most of them would be bringing new ladies this had me wondering how do he manage to keep people with such conduct as pals if he is additionally now not a cheater on his side, I mean they say birds of the equal furthers flock together. But then looking at his lifestyle, he has in no way given me a cause to trust he could be dishonest me.

So with matters being that way the relationship went on with me being curious of whether he is cheating me or not, But then it did not take lengthy until I sooner or later acquired a confirmation of what form of individual he is. What happened between is that, I was packing his wardrobe the different and I came throughout this, See the pic below.

Looking at what has been written on this note, It is crystal clear that he has been double dating me with any individual and whoever it is should have been the one who planted this in his cupboard, I have now not but confronted him about this yet and with the aid of the seem to be of matters he would possibly now not be aware of this note because it discovered it hidden.

Instead of confronting him, would it be a top concept if I just take the cards and deal with myself and wait to see if he will confront me about it or not? I mean, confronting him may not get me a component however might have me being lied to.If you had been in my situation, how would you manage this situation? leave some feedback below

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