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Top 10 Most Romantic Ways to Propose to Someone

1. Remember where you two first met? Take her to that place, get down on one knee and saying you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Sweet, isn’t it?

2. Go to a place that has a significant meaning to both of you. Ask someone to take a photo of you together. Then instead of posing for a picture, surprise her with your proposal!

3. Ride a Ferris wheel and propose to her once you are both at the top!

4. Get a photographer or videographer to record your proposal. But inform your sweetheart that you’ve won a free couple’s photoshoot. Wear the best outfit and in the middle of the shoot, say the magic words! Then continue with a sweet and romantic engagement shoot.

5. You can rent a horse and buggy for your proposal. Take a ride and visit the most memorable spots or magnificent locations like ocean view, lake or a fountain. Works best too if it’s sunset. Then propose to her! Let the driver capture the most magical moment.

6. Take her to a place where you plan to spend the remaining years with her. With the view of the sunset, get down on one knee and propose to her….also telling her that it is the place where you want to spend your life with her.

7. Go to a known jewelry store after hours, so it’s just the two of you. Then get down on one knee and open a box (but empty!). Show her the rings on the store and tell her she can pick any ring that she likes!

Restaurants are the most common choice of many when it comes to dates and proposals. But adding some twists can make your evening extra special and romantic.

8. Ask the chef to write, in chocolate sauce, the words “Will you marry me?” around the rim of the plate.

9. Request the restaurant to place your proposal inside the menu where you are both seated.

10. On the dessert tray, add the box that holds the ring.

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