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Astrology Divination


According To Your Star Sign This Is Your Worst Trait


Your impulsivity. You've probably heard it many times before, you're probably trying to change it already but your impulsive nature often brings you into unnecessary arguments and trouble.

You might even see this as a sort of strength, saying what's on your mind, but you don't realize how this negatively affects your relationships and the people around you. Being outspoken is fine but this turned into taking out your feelings onto others is not.


Your kindness. This might sound backward but your inherently helpful attitude is your biggest downfall. You constantly offering everyone a helping hand makes you very observant when you do not get offered the same.

You usually try to tough these negative feelings out but do tend to fall victim to them and turn bitter, killing yourself with your own kindness.


Your facade. You're probably sick of hearing about how "fake" you are already but this is not what this is about. Rather, you tend to put on a happy mask and deny yourself your feelings and concentrate on the ones of others.

This leads you to self sabotage and hinders both your emotional growth and your ability to truly connect with others. You're denying yourself the chance of human connection but might even feel like you're not even worth it.


Your attachments. You're unable to let things go, whether it be people, relationships, or objects. You latch onto them and try to do everything possible to prevent them from going and even after they do, you dwell in memories. Let your wounds heal and let your grudges go, it is unhealthy for you to live in memories and stay in unfulfilling relationships.


Your fear of emotions. You're constantly out there, presenting yourself, putting yourself out there and into the spotlight, but when it comes to talking about your emotions you suddenly turn quiet. You don't have to fear your act fading after you reveal your true emotions. It's okay to let things out. Nobody will think differently of you. Let others get to know you.


Your perfectionism. You are your worst critic, constantly comparing yourself, grading yourself, never enough for yourself. Your worth is not measured by your usefulness and the worth of others isn't as well.


Your indecisiveness. You're constantly questioning who you are, who you want to be, whom you want others to be and if you want others to be with you. You make yourself unable to form an identity and instead base it around others. Don't simply mirror actions and only let your shadow show in the dark. Grow your own wings.


Your need for control. Don't you get tired of constantly sabotaging situations and yourself just so you can be in and feel like you're in control. Even when you know you're acting irrational, you keep acting out of get the validation you crave. Let go for once. Don't claw at things or open new wounds just to feel something. Just let yourself fall.


Your lack of perspective. You pride yourself on knowing a lot, on being an open minded free spirit but when it comes to it, you're the most close minded of them all.

You're stuck in your own viewpoint which leads to accidental and not so Accidentally insensitivity and others think you're stuck up. Widen your horizons for real for once. Let others offer their opinion, consider someone else's viewpoint before doing or saying something, follow your own advice.


Your inferiority complex. You don't like to admit it, but you love one-upping others, you love rising above, you love fulfilling the expectations others you have set upon you.

At the same time, you feel extremely anxious and despair when you cannot do that. You inherent need to stand at the top, to prove yourself, makes you come off wrong and standoffish and tears your self esteem to shreds. Remember that you are your own person.


Your egoism. You parade yourself around as a welcoming, friendly, chill person but in private you're stuck in your own little world and are offended when anyone questions it.

You hide in your bubble to not face your own faults and instead point the finger at others. Stop only focusing on yourself. Realize and admit your mistake to let yourself blossom into the wonder you're destined to be.


Your martyr complex. You see yourself as someone nice, someone who wants to help others, people in need. You want to bear their sins to fix them, but while you try to do that you see them as nothing but to project onto.

You're unintentionally manipulative, skilled in making yourself look like the innocent lamb. Stop trying to be the perfect human who never does wrong. Accept yourself as a faulty human. Use your love for good, not to validate yourself.

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