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Mzansi Men Want Women to Stop Doing This:" You Are Putting Unnecessary Pressure On Us"


In a relationship it is important to spoil each other .This shows that you really care and you want to make your partner happy.This apllies to both the man and the woman .Spoiling cannot be one sided .

However a recent trend in Mzansi is not making men happy .Women are now posting pictures getting flowers rolled with thousands of rands and South African men feel like they are putting too much pressure on them and soon their wives and girlfriends would want the same .They want women to stop doing this because they are raising the expectation of women out there .

I think this is a beautiful trend.Men Should normalize doing this for their women .All women love flowers and money so why not gift them both at the same time.

However not all women should expect this from their men .As we all know you are not dating men with the same level of being romantic and finances. Some men can't afford to do this even if they wanted to,so they must stop putting pressure on them to get them something they cant afford .Women must learn to appreciate the little that their men do for them.

Also its important to remember that social media is different from real life .People will do anything and even stage some things just to get likes on social media .So people must learn not to take social media expectations and bring them to your real life relationship. Thats the fastest way to ruin something beautiful.

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