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Social media people are cruel look what they did to this woman trying to defend her husband comments

One thing about people on social media is that you can't tell them what to do because if you do that you provoke them, there are no people who know their rights like people on social media, that's why is very important that before saying anything on Twitter you have all your facts and you can back up whatever you're saying because it seems like they are always ready for anything. You can't come to social media and order people to do something they will be hell to pay because they will deal with you.

People need to be careful what they post on social media, you can't post something and expect people on social media to have mercy on you. Everything on social media is a joke people on social media don't take anything seriously so it's up to you how you deal with it. You need to know that the minute you post something online it's like you've signed a contract, it belongs to them without even asking.

A lady by the name Of Sethu Ntoni took to social media account asking a lady to remove her husband's picture after she used him as a meme, based on the statement as I read the wife's comments what happened here is that the husband probably posted a video of himself crying after he lost his uncle, but instead of feeling sorry for him, they screenshot the video turned it into a picture and made him a meme.

So the wife didn't like it, she then decided to go on a post shared by a lady who goes by the name of Meladi 'a Ngoato and told her to remove that picture as that person is her husband and he was crying because he lost his uncle and she shouldn't turn their pain into a mockery.

It was like she killed someone lol the first thing they asked her was who took a picture of him crying and posted it on social media? Because the minute you post something on social media it belongs to the world.

Sorry dear next time learn to keep your private life private if you don't want people turning you into a joke on social media.

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Sethu Ntoni


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