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Imbewu: Sibusiso find out about Mbali's wedding secret and it ended in tears for her.

Hello everyone welcome back to Sanelyf Channel and thank you so much for tunning in.

We are back to square 1, guys Idrama ka Mbali, Sibusiso and Lindelani I doubt it's will ever come to an end. secrets has its way of coming out, Agatha has been keeping Mbali's Vaginity testing results as a secret to protect their marriage. 

I've been asking myself this question guys and now I'm asking male followers, is it possible for man not see if the woman in his life is a vargin or not, I'm confused why Sibusiso didn't see Mbali, Please respond on the comment section I'm really curious. 

Anyway guys Agatha told her husband the secret and the fight begins between the couple, All hell breaks loose as Sibusiso struggles to deal with the revelation about his wife.

August tearsers reveals that Sibusiso will start fight Lindelani again, Lindelani will take actions against Sibusiso including cutting him off from the contract with the hospital . On the other side Zandile is threatening to tell everyone about Sibusiso and Precious's secrets. 

No one is safe, no one IS clean and no one is perfect. I just wish Mbali can get married to Lindelani, Sibusiso and Precious, Thabo AND Zandile. Mybe We will rest. Do leave your comments below and share your opinions

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