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4 mistakes Men Should Avoid When They Have a Crush On a Lady. - OPINION.

When guys fall in love with a woman, they make certain frequent blunders that might utterly turn her off.

1. Obtaining a lady's phone number from someone other than her.

When you have a crush on a lady and don't have her phone number, the most mature thing to do is approach her and ask her for it. Avoid asking her friends or relatives for her phone number, since this may turn her off during the first conversation. Apart from having a poor impression of you, it will be tough to identify yourself and explain how you came up with the number.

2. Enlisting the help of others to speak with her on your behalf.

When you have a crush on a lady, the best thing you can do is chat to her in person rather than communicating with her through intermediaries. Remember that communication is one of the most crucial components of a relationship, and you should begin practicing it even before you enter one, especially if you want to take your relationship to the next level.

3. Don't go around in circles.

Questions like what kind of cuisine you enjoy and what kind of music you like can wait; you'll find out what she loves once you're in a relationship. Instead, be direct and make your intentions obvious in the first conversation you have with her to avoid being friend-zoned. Make it plain to her in your initial chat with her that you only want her to be a friend.

4. Don't send her love messages that you found in other WhatsApp groups.

If you want to send your crush a love text, be creative and build your own love text. If you are not so creative or doubt your creativity, the best thing to do is to stop sending love texts and start sending straightforward messages that are straight to the point.

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