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Pregnant 21-year-old refuses to end relationship with biological father | This is why.

Pregnant 21-year-old refuses to end relationship with biological father | This is why.

The reason why fathers have extramarital affairs with their daughters is a mystery. Do females want to have sex with their dads? Some guys seem to lack self-worth, and this, along with their need for sex, leads them to do disgusting incestuous activities.

A 52-year-old man from KwaZulu-Natal has allegedly been sleeping with his own child for years. When his daughter was only 12 years old, he allegedly began sleeping with her after she visited him in town to get money to buy groceries.

According to reports, the girl was raised by her father and stepmother after her mother died. The 21-year-old refused to end the relationship with her biological father although she claims to be pregnant and says the father is a local man.

Nonhlanhla Khoza, the KwaZulu-Natal Social Development MEC, has expressed shock and dismay. Khoza has dispatched a team of social workers to evaluate the situation and offer the family counseling.

The father must be checked wether he is mentally unstable or not; a man who is completely sane cannot take advantage of his own daughter. He could have done like others who do such on the orders of cult leaders who offer spiritual abilities or longer lives in exchange for their daughters' sexual servitude, anyhow he must be punished.

Some people argue that this practice is normal in some families, they call it ancestral perversion. Let's take into consideration that this man violated the vulnerable child sexually and emotionally for years. He must be arrested even if her daughter does not want that.

The girl could be suffering from Stockholm syndrome, which is an emotional respose experienced by some abuse victims when they have positive feelings towards the abusor. She will only acknowledge that she is suffering from a condition if she can get professional help.


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