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" I was with a married woman and her husband showed up, she hid me in the wardrobe and did this

Feeling unappreciated,undervalued or neglected can lead to infidelity. Social media Influencer Mpru and LGBT advocate MprueDie says she had an affair with a married woman. She says her husband was not giving her enough attention because she had two wives. One day she visited her and her husband came unannounced and she hid her in the Wadrope. She stayed there for hours and was scared. The wife had to bring food for her because the husband was there for hours.

"I was with this married lady who was in an 'isthembu' and her husband would show up whenever. One day she hid me in the spare room in the wardrobe but she still came to give me food." She tweeted.

" I don't know how to feel about this. She's a real woman for feeding you, but I hate that she's cheating." Said @Wallahi.

"Your story is not complete. Why did she get married in isthembu if she wanted to spend time with someone everyday? Where is she now? I have too many questions." Said @Nkokoma.


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