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I Killed my Girlfriend, Guy Dishes out Advice for Gents to Stop GBV

With more and more people coming out with stories of their own relating to GBV, a lot of people are starting to realise the seriousness of this situation and are trying to come up with solutions, and advice others on how to avoid becoming the next victim of this GBV. Every one is trying to create an awearness of what is gender based violence, and what leads to it and how to get out of an abusive relationship.

A guy has caused a stir online after trying to advice the guys on social media, on how not to become perpetrators of gender based violence. He started of by saying that he is one of the perpetrators of GBV and he ended up killing his girlfriend in the process, and he went to jail for 8 years and now he is still out on parole.

This is what he had to say don't do it, just like that he said a whole lot because with just those three words he sent out a strong mesaage to a lot of guys to not abuse their partners regardless of how mad they might get at times. This post alone started a debate online with every one sharing their views on what the guy said and did in the past.


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