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Mother and daughter caught on camera exchanging blows and this was the silly reason for the fight


SA video of a mother and daughter fighting over a guy has gone popular on social media, making people chuckle. The man rumored to be seeing the daughter made a visit to the residence. When he went to see his mother, she would give him a strange sideways glance, which made his girlfriend suspicious.

Suddenly, Lady began pointing fingers at her boyfriend, accusing him of letting his mother make meals instead of asking her whether she was hungry herself. The argument began when she awoke to find her mother and boyfriend sat in the kitchen, having breakfast without first summoning her from her room.

Both of them were exchanging words only for the aim of intervening in a fight that had already spilled onto the streets. The neighbors were startled by the scene when they realized it was a mother-daughter fight over a man. The young lady was furious with her mother for treating her lover with respect and a smile when they were in the house.

A wonderful mother-daughter connection was shattered because of her envy. After a mother and daughter get into an argument about a boyfriend, a video of the incident has gone viral on social media. The individual with whom the daughter is involved allegedly paid a visit to the residence.

When his mother would give him an eye during a visit, his girlfriend would become suspicious. Lady began to point the finger at her lover for letting her mother to prepare his meals instead of asking her when he was hungry. After she saw her mother eating breakfast with her lover in bed without calling her, the fight began to break out.

After exchanging insults, they got into a physical altercation that spilled out onto the street. Neighbors were taken aback when they realized the argument was between a mother and daughter over a boy. The young girl held her mother responsible for her smile and nice treatment of her lover in the house.

Her resentment shattered the mother-daughter bond that had existed for years. Would you go to war with your mom for your boyfriend?


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