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Husband and wife relationship

"My Dog Is My Husband" Meet The Woman Who Had a Public Wedding With a Dog (Video)

The world is so amusing; today's piece is about a woman who made a move that got people talking.

Many people were startled when Shariam, a woman who goes by the name Shariam, decided to have a wedding with a dog that was shown on television. Shariam opted to marry a dog since she didn't have a strong relationship with men, according to Presenter Ali. She was married to a number of different men, but none of them lasted long before she divorced them.

Her decision was one of the most well-received, causing others to discuss about her on social media sites. That was not an issue for her, and she didn't care what others had to say. Shariam used to be a model in the early 1980s, and she was stunning.

Many people found the love for a dog to be weird, and it prompted a lot of negative responses on social networking platforms, with many people calling it a terrible choice.


What are your thoughts about it?


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My Dog Is Shariam


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