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Dating Romantic

He refused his girlfriend marriage proposal but what she did next left mzansi in disbelieve.

People go into relationships for different and not everyone who is in a relationship wants to get married, so we need to be careful of who date.

A lady and her boyfriend have been trending on social media after a failed proposal; in a video that was shared on YouTube by forever, dope records the couple is seen having a nice time at an unknown mall.

But when the lady stood up and kneed down to propose they got a lot of attention, unfortunately, her boyfriend of six years rejected the marriage proposal which made her angry and she slapped him on the face.

She is brave, and I hope that one day she will find someone who will want to make her a wife.

Many people are saying he could have rejected the proposal because he knows that she is violent.

I hope that she will find someone who wants to make her a wife.

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